• transport of shipments from one kilogram to oversized shipments all over the world
  • transport of goods with high-capacity semi-trailers (Megatrailer, Jumbo, etc.)
  • transport of goods with cooling and isothermal vehicles
  • transport of dangerous goods in accordance with the ADR agreement
  • transport of oversized goods by special vehicles and vessels
  • inland freight traffic

Forwarding services

  • Shipping services are focused on the effective use of corporate resources related to transporting the goods. Due to our experience and equipment we are able to meet the needs of virtually every type of company and solve the different situations from a coherent package to the removal or arrivals of large quantities of goods.


  • Quality, economic efficiency and forwarding reliability affect, in a not negligible degree, the resulting effect of the whole logistic chain, that is, a satisfied customer and cost saving.
  • receipt of goods to the storehouse
  • placement of the goods (physical movement of the goods to the specified places in the storehouse)
  • storage in Slovak Republic
  • value added services (co-packing, packing, marking, etc.)
  • removal and ditribution of the goods